hey! i'm Shelley

Founder & CEO

I’m a lover of yoga & a huge believer in possibility. There is nothing in my life that yoga doesn’t make better. Here’s a little about me.
I’m a 50 + year old mom in Burlington, North Carolina, with two teenage boys & one wild, yoga pup, June. 

Besides yoga, I love live music, natural light, painting & reading, especially biographies & in the area of personal growth. I love to create & share with others all the things that light me up. I feel tremendously lucky EVERY DAY that I get to share what I love, empower other people to create their own best lives & share what they love. 

I discovered heated power yoga during a crazy hard time in my life, in my mid forties, & I will forever be grateful for it. I used to have so much anxiety & worry, I felt bogged down with stress & “what if’s.” Yoga changes how I see things & especially how I react to them. I yoga to not get better at yoga, but to get better at LIFE. Yoga 100% makes me a better mom, friend & person
in general. 

I opened the first FBY YOGA because I wanted to share with others what makes my life so much better. I have always been an entrepreneur. For 12 years, I created a personalised gift company that grew to be in over 400 stores and major catalogs. For 10 years, I worked in news broadcasting and shared stories of people doing exciting things. I truly and so fully loved both careers, however, THIS is the one that makes my heart the happiest. I honestly feel grateful every day that I get to be a part of this adventure.